Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mobile phones + mexico

before you leave, i suggest you talk with your mobile phone carrier about their international packages...specifically regarding mexico. unless you want to either run away from all phone calls or a $1000 bill :)

i use att and will be adding on the the viva mexico package for the time that i am away in june.

the wedding.

the wedding. details.

june 12th, 2010
half past six o'clock
rancho pescadero

please arrive by 6 o'clock :)

[image via snippet + ink]

hi. hello. welcome.

so happy that you are able to join matt + i in todos santos this june for our wedding! this is a little blog full of information about our wedding + the little town that it is being held in. as june 12 approaches, please make sure to check back often for more information.


matt + nicole